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The HSE will this week open the Covid-19 vaccine registration portal for 18- to 29-year-olds who are opting for an AstraZeneca vaccine. Vaccination appointments are expected to be given within three weeks of registration and the older applicants are due to be given a jab first. This age group can wait until a later date if they want to register for a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. However, if they want to be get an AstraZeneca vaccine faster they can register when the portal opens this week. Under the HSE system the older a person is they are automatically given an appointment over somebody younger. The hope is to give everyone in this age group who registers an appointment to get a first dose of AstraZeneca within three weeks, depending on availability. Vaccinations will start next week in a bid to provide a first dose giving part protection to younger age groups. It comes as a worrying incidence in of cases in the 16- to 29-year-old age group is being seen. Overall there were 600 new cases of the virus reported yesterday. However, there was just a slight increase in hospitalisations of patients with Covid-19 to 64, up from 58 on Saturday. Get ahead of the day with the morning headlines at 7.30am and Fionnán Sheahan's exclusive take on the day's news every afternoon, with our free daily newsletter. The number in intensive care is stable at 16. So far the rise in cases of the virus is not converting to a big increase in hospitalisations as seen in the earlier pre-vaccination days of the pandemic. The 18- to 34-year-old age group can also register with a pharmacist to get the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine, although supply is limited. Darragh O’Loughlin of the Irish Pharmacy Union said demand among the 18-34 age group remained high and the participating pharmacists were each expecting around 100 doses again this week. The HSE said 850 pharmacies are now participating in the vaccination programme and so far they have received 91,000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. They are getting all available doses of this vaccine and will get another 48,000 over the coming week. The chief medical officer, Dr Tony Holohan, said yesterday marked 500 days since the first case of “We are currently experiencing a worrying increase in incidence in daily case numbers, particularly in the 16-29 age group,” he said. “If you are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated you need to maintain a high degree of caution in your activities this summer. “It is essential for you to avoid crowds, carefully manage your contacts, wear your mask, keep a safe distance from others and take the vaccine when it is offered.

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The official highway code book. Highway Code changes to create road 'hierarchy' in bid to boost safety of walkers and cyclists In an effort to capitalise on the walking and cycling boom during the COVID pandemic, the government will also boost funding for new cycle lanes, improvements to the National Cycle Network, and the delivery of new schemes to encourage walking. Image: A 'hierarchy of road users' will be created in a bid to boost the safety of pedestrians and cyclists New changes to the Highway Code will create a "hierarchy of road users" in a bid to boost the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced the updates, to be included in a new version of the Highway Code being published in the autumn, as part of a £338m package to boost cycling and walking. In an effort to capitalise on the walking and cycling boom during the COVID pandemic, the government will also boost funding for the construction of hundreds of miles of new cycle lanes, improvements to the National Cycle Network, and the delivery of new schemes to encourage walking. Image: A new version of the Highway Code will be published in the autumn The planned changes to the Highway Code include: • A hierarchy of road users that ensures road users who can do the greatest harm have the greatest responsibility to reduce the danger they may pose to others • Strengthened pedestrian priority on pavements and at zebra crossings • Guidance on safe passing distances and speeds and ensuring that cyclists have priority at junctions when travelling straight ahead. It is understood the "Dutch reach" method for opening vehicle doors will also be included among the changes, as has been proposed by cycling campaigners to prevent cyclists being hit by opened doors. This will see vehicle drivers and passengers urged to use their far hand to open a door, rather than the hand closest to the door, thereby requiring them to swivel and encouraging them to look behind for any oncoming traffic. COVID-19: Fully vaccinated travellers from US and EU can come to UK without having to isolate Mr Shapps said: "Millions of us have found over the past year how cycling and walking are great ways to stay fit, ease congestion on the roads and do your bit for the environment. "As we build back greener from the pandemic, we're determined to keep that trend going by making active travel easier and safer for everyone. "This £338m package marks the start of what promises to be a great summer of cycling and walking, enabling more people to make those sustainable travel choices that make our air cleaner and cities greener." Cycling UK, who have been consulting with Mr Shapps' department on the proposed changes to the Highway Code, described the updates as "long overdue". The charity's head of campaigns, Duncan Dollimore, told Sky News: "The Highway Code should look to reinforce behaviour which reduces the danger we pose to other road users and protects those most at risk, so rules which place greater responsibility on people driving larger vehicles are long overdue. "While we all have responsibility for our own behaviour, a bus driver's failure to pay attention carries far greater risks to others than a pedestrian's, so of course those in charge of larger vehicles should bear greater responsibility. investigate this site "Hopefully, these changes will herald a change in attitude where the first question in any road safety conversation is how we reduce danger, not how people protect themselves from it." Image: The COVID pandemic prompted a walking and cycling boom The announcement was also welcomed by walking charity Living Streets, which says the proposed changes will "redress the balance" of road user responsibility. Stephen Edwards, the charity's interim chief executive, said: "The Highway Code currently treats children walking to school and lorry drivers as if they are equally responsible for their own or other people's safety. "These changes will redress that balance. "People walking cause the least road danger but are often left paying the price. "Road users who have potential to cause the greatest harm should take the greatest share of responsibility to reduce the danger they pose. "Whether we choose to also drive or cycle, we are all pedestrians. These proposed revisions will benefit us all."